Monday, May 19, 2008

New Poetry

Beyond This Veil - 5/17/08
© Jayson Ayrn Starfeather

I step lightly
Upon a field of stars
Music of the spheres
Ringing sweetly

The heavens
Embrace my luminous nature
As my body lay cradled
By the earth

My starry brethren
Wing through space-time
Angels of all orders
Sing the unfolding to life

Within my heart
One note
Holding the future
In limitless light

Gaia swathed in gold
Her wisdom
Bestowed on her children
Now loving creators

They step forth
Seeding new worlds
Unfurling new galaxies
Birthing new light

Divine expressions

Gaia heals post partum
Greening and glowing
Joyous new expressions
Emerging within her care

Angels weep
Once again
At the scintillating beauty
Of this new world

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crystalline Life Forms IX: Spirit Quartz

The Devas of Spirit Quartz invite you acknowledge your interconnectedness with others. Holding Spirit Quartz at the heart level, one can visualise the fine web that radiates out to others in our world and indeed into the matrix of our reality with a celebratory vibration.
Spirit Quartz reminds us that we are not alone and that we are indeed part of a larger whole. It should be no surpise then that Spirit Quartz is an excellent companion to have when working with groups and other similar Networks.
You are also invited to acknowledge your connections in the spiritual realm and even the cosmos. Simply meditate and follow the threads of light.
Spirit Quartz naturally plays well with other crystalline life forms to allow for focused explorations through various dimensions and for co creation in other crystal work.