Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crystalline Life Forms VI: Brazilianite

The Deva's of Brazilianite communicate through meridians and minor chakras along the spine and help to open you up to a greater flow of energy through your systems. They are very helpful in any re-wiring of your energetic systems whether it be through Reiki or any other energy healing or tune-up process. Accupuncture also benefits from the energies of Brazilianite.

If anything, the Deva's of Brazilianite encourage you to surrender to ever increasing levels of light transmission in, through, around and from your body. Invite Brazilianite to hold open the pathways as you utilise other crystals in deepening the effect of your healing work.

Brazilianite invites you to explore and communicate with systems within your body that are rarely acknowledged consciously. In meditation, allow the Deva's to guide you in a safe journey of blessing and or releasing sytems sequestered away within you. Past life and current life past issues can be blessed and swept out to aid in creating greater presence of self. Whether done in colaboration with other stones or simply your own pure intent; working with Brazilianites Devas can help you in creating a more open and clear flowing state of being the moment (not just in the moment).

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Interview with 12listen.coms' Jamie B.

Jayson: As one Indigo to another; I have to ask you what your favorite aspect of living and being on Planet Earth is...?
Jamie B.: I have always loved nature. I love to spend a few hours in a forest until I lose touch with the "real" world. Nature is non-judgmental and in a perfect state of harmony. It's like meditating without the deep breathing or mind tricks. You just switch off, and yet by switching off -- the brain -- you become more in tune with your inner world, the mind, through the heart and one's deep heartfelt connection to the spirit of gaia. I love meditating with trees also. I find meditating with trees fascinatingly disturbing! The heat and energy I've felt coming from trees has actually surpassed what I've felt coming from clients during an hour long healing session! But of course that's because when you "hang out" with trees, you open up to spirit more. You switch off the monkey brain -- the internal chatter -- and become non-judgmental like a tree. A tree just is. And a tree does not think about growing. It just grows. This, too, can be our true nature.

Jayson: What talents do you find that you utilise most often?
Jamie B.: I've always "channeled" without realising (the concept of going into another state and bringing through information from spirit). I've had difficulty with formal channeling though. I used to think I disagreed with it on a moral basis, but as another indigo and channeler told me, "It's not so much you disagree with channeling, so much as the concept of channeling." Which is so true. Because I have been channeling all the time. But to label it "channeling" would be to mark it out as a "special" state of consciousness. For me, though, it isn't. To not be channeling is special! haha! I do not believe, for example, that one has to pass out or fall asleep and wake back up without memory after channeling higher information. This is what I would call "sleep channelers." There is also awake channeling or conscious channeling, and I've done that for so long I hardly noticed. So often I say or know things which to me are "obvious" or even seem "too simplistic," but to another it is seen as "wise" or "inspired" or "psychic" or indeed "channeled". But to me it is just just is. And it's all relative.

Jayson: Are there any particular Guides, Angels or Ascended Masters that you feel drawn to work with most? If so, what are their trademark energies?
Jamie B.: I've had a connection with angels for quite some time. St. Micheal mainly, whom has appeared to me twice in "physical" form. Once as a being of gold light whom I saw through the mirror whilst in the bath many years back! He brought a sense of total calm and surety that "everything will turn out fine." And secondly, very recently when my cat Kane passed over. I saw a golden wing where he was, just before my friend Sara finished her story, "And that place I used to visit as a child, you won't believe it, they've renamed it St. Micheal's and it's no.13". I know that this means St. Micheal took Kane back to God (i.e. no 13). I also had a white feather fall out of the sky just after I thought of calling the angels to help Kane over, just after I was told by the vet he had been put to sleep. This was my first angel feather. So gold is his trademark for me. But when I call angels I see and feel them very often with my eyes closed --rather than open, as I did with St. Micheal on two occasions--they all have different energies. Very recently, I have had the experience of the angels looking through my eyes and channeling healing songs from them. I wish I was in the USA so I could do that ATP training with Doreen Virtue! hehe

Jayson: If you have recieved one reocurring message in working with children, what would it be?
Jamie B.: That it's not today's children with the issues, it's the parents, society, and the current paradigm, that is the challenge. Children are very intuitive and sensitive, and act as mirrors to what is going on outside of themselves. Notice I did not say they learn from what is around them, but instead they reflect back their parent's and societie's troubles. This may make me unpopular, but being an indigo that's what I'm here for, when I say that I've never met a "problem child" who didn't have "problem parents"! In trying to assist problem kids in the past, the biggest barrier to a successful outcome I have noticed is the parents ability to admit that their problems create problems in their children. It's not about blame or guilt, it's about total transparency and correction. It's certainly not about blaming parents rather than kids. After all, the main aspect of a parent which causes disruption in their children, is their own damaged inner child carrying issues from their parents. Thus, in that sense, we are all "childy essences," in the same boat together moving along our healing path. For me as a spiritual aware being--even more so, as an indigo--the only difference between an adult and child is the age of the physical body. The soul has its own age irrespective of the vessel.

Jayson: Have you worked with or encountered any Crystal Children and if so, what has your experience been?
Jamie B.: Only one so far. I have met dozens of indigo children and continue to meet them, of varying ages, either friends, family, or children of parents that I have worked with spiritually who often ask for advice regarding their children because I specialise as an "indigo consultant." My theory on the crystal children was that it was just another name for a more evolved human. I thought it was becoming a bit of a joke to add more labels to the phenomenon. Until, that is, I actually met a crystal child. I was with my mother and we bumped into an old friend of hers. Her first child was hyper, wild and I previously thought could be indigo. But here was her second, about 2 years old. A little blonde girl, delicate face, blue eyes, and pale skin, like a porcelain doll. She had a calmness and serenity I had never seen in a child before, not even in the most psychic of indigo children I've come across. Although she was certainly very psychic like an indigo. When she looked at me I could instantly feel her reading my thoughts, a strange experience I have become used to over the years! She constantly smiled and appeared shy. She was apparently very quiet and didn't speak, which is a feature of crystals in comparison with indigos who speak early or are very chatty! Some time before my mother's friend -- her mother -- said my mother could babysit for her one day, I noticed her change her expression and become quite alarmed as if she knew. Indeed, I was sure she knew, because as I watched, I could see that she was reacting to everything that was being said, as if she were pre-emptively eavesdropping on the conversation. I have never, ever, seen this phenomenon so acutely with a child before. But above all, the most memorable element of this experience was how serene and angellic she appeared. That was last year. I've met more indigos but not crystals since that day.

Jayson: As a recent inductee into the 12listen family, what has your impression been in working with this community so far?
Jamie B.: I really wouldn't be saying this just because I work with you lot, but because I honestly mean it. 12listen is composed of the most amazing bunch of spiritual advisors I've ever known. They're all so talented and clearly very serious about what they do. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the advisors at 12listen to anyone I know!

Jayson: If you had one message to give to people reading this, what would it be?
Jamie B.: We've only got 5 more years till 2012! Clearly we're all waking up on planet earth, it's happening as forecasted, but there are some challenging times ahead. Go vertical rather than horizontal. Consult your inner and higher selve's, rather than rely on outer sources of information. It's time to become awake within the dream we call reality, put wrongs to right, and create heaven on earth.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

OH MY STARS! © Your Scopes for December

Exploration into new financial opportunities can benefit from your expertise. What you intend should manifest rapidly this month. Try to keep things fresh so you can avoid making decisions you’ll regret. ...see you full forcast here

Too much daydreaming about an idea you have could lead you to fall out of love with the idea. Give it some more time and more focus. Bring others in to help and watch your project take flight. Maintain control and be sure to celebrate and share your success. ...see you full forcast here

My, what a driven little fishy you are. Meditations this month should bring you some grand visions and a seed may be planted in your brain. Get things down on paper, whatever you do. ...see you full forcast here

For many Aries, it appears this season touches on your charitable nature. For some, this time bodes well donating time or resources to homeless shelters, runaway services and even scholarships for the underprivileged. On the flip side: Avoid projecting assumptions. ...see you full forcast here

The world is your oyster and you have it in your power to pull the fortune out of misfortune. This is an good time to look into turning over your investments. Watch for emotional tensions and major changes in the family sector, but know it is for the best. ...see you full forcast here

Take a moment to put aside all that has transpired and you could find that the New Year is already beginning in your own life. There, in your heart, is both the seed and the ideal manifestation of what has begun, as well as the strength to achieve your goals. ...see you full forcast here

You are going to get the cooperation you need to meet your objectives if you have to shake down mountains to do it. A plan, formulating in your mind, requires some quick yet crucial decisions. Don’t let the details overwhelm you; just act from the heart.
...see you full forcast here

A new cycle begins for you this month and you have big ideas to realize that can raise your standing and your level of respect in your community. As you move forward, you may be revisited by people from your past and issues that need to be cleared up. ...see you full forcast here

Your mastery of your craft and ability to manifest results may pull you out of your humble background service as you are called to lead and play a part in the bigger picture. ...see you full forcast here

Dear Libra, it seems that you have not been immune to the heavy cosmic drag that the universe has graced us all with. However, your ability to focus on getting results, paired with tenacity and perseverance will enable you to accomplish what few others are capable of. ...see you full forcast here

You have thought about it long enough. You have weighed everything in your heart and rationalized everything in your head. And though you may not be happy about it, the time for change is now. ...see you full forcast here

What began between late October and early November allowed you to move in new directions with greater vision for your future. The process continues and now you need to observe, with greater scrutiny, the power of your decisions and how you communicate. ...see you full forcast here