Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crystalline Life Forms III: Prehnite

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I was going to profile black Tourmaline for this Halloween weekend, but then Prehnite called out.
This opaque pale green crystal has a gentle energy that evokes the sensation of slipping into an otherworldly mist that is both beautiful and comfortable. Meditating with Prehnite, you can enter a safe space between veiled worlds to communicate with disembodied spirits, guides and even spirits of nature.

If you are not completely comfortable with spirit communication, but want to explore, i do recommend hold ing or wearing a piece of Black Tourmaline while you use this crystal. also, Clear Quartz Point will help in calling in specific spirits or guides while working with Prehnite. Think of Prehnite as you doorway into the waiting room/waypoint between worlds.

Prehnite tends to enhance clairaudience and telepathy within the spirit realm.

Make the most of you All Hallows experience and try Prehnite today.
Semi-Facetious/Humorous disclaimer:
Prehnite is not recommended for people with multiple personality disorders, bi polar disorder or people suffering from accute megalomania. In some cases, people abusing Prehnite can experience karmic scarring, hauntings and other spiritual mischief.
Ask your metaphysician if Prehnite is right for you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Inspiration hit me and i had to create

Creating graphics is one of my hobbies.. and i just couldnt resist the urge to create for this wing of 12listen. click for the full sized pic. enjoy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Crystalline Life Forms II: Azurite

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Azurite is among my most favorite stones and one which i utilise frequently.
It is one of the best energy unblockers/pain relievers i have ever worked with.
Aside from it's copper based conductivity it is also an excellent third eye stone.
To hold and meditate with azurite is to step into an expansive gateway of possibilities where you can explore options that may have been closed to you before. This is made possible by the fact that azurite, although seen as a stone, is a collective of individual crystals. The deva's of azurite are more than happy to assist you in exploring your individual options. Tap into the conductive flow and open doors; doors you never even dreamed existed.

The occurrence of malachite with azurite only enhances this stones ability to reinforce the power of your will on your selected path
Where do you want to go today?

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