Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some of My Prose and Musings

All Text © Jayson Ayrn Starfeather

For I have been here from the Beginning which Never Ends and the Ending that Never Ceases
Love AM I
Such love that we embrace with arms stretched wide
I have known your form since the beginning
I remember the Dance
The Light of Laughter
The Piece that is Peace
and Its Spirit stretched to Infinity
Unfurling the gossamer radiance of it's being
Singing the gentle colors to life
Such was the birth of Joy
Which at it's inception knew not of it's inevitable tears
Tears that spilled forth tangible gifts
Such Depth
Such rapturous depth
In which moments were held
Waiting to be born
I remember the Light
Shining in those tears
I remember it's arcing into the breathless void
In which all that is
Rolled out of itself
In an Exquisite Birth
Pouring forth ever increasing shards of light
Which landed at our feet
the seeds of Moments
To be entered
To experience
To learn
to Transcend
To be entered
the Game had begun
And in it's playing we meet
And we have met again
And in our mingling
We Remember
We Are One
And I remember
That i have known your form since the beginning
Shining in the reflection of tears yet to be.

More about my life:

When i was a boy, I spent countless hours in the forests near my home. I came to know trees well and they shared their wisdom with me, reconnecting me with the history of the planet. Beautiful spirits of nature visited me often as well as the spirits of the native ancestors of this areas past. The Fae have been everpresent in my life. From Greenmen to sylphs to Devas and Angels. It's been a beautiful and blessed life and i draw upon all these experiences often as they charge my spirit and soothe my soul. There is deep, rich beauty in this world that all people should experience, if only once in their life. For it forever changes you. It has fed my passion and from that it affirms all the more a connectedness to all of creation.

HOME 8/87

Deep Rich vibrant Green
The heady aroma of fertile soil
The sweet breath of plants
The whispers of trees
Carried on Gentle winds

An Ancient Fir
Once tall and firm in its youth
Lies at rest
It's woody armour now replaced
By a velvet coat of emeral green mosses

The Forest Stands All About Me
The old
The new
The perfect family
The ideal community
In the simplicity of their being
They support one another
Both parent and offspring
Product of the same womb

The Beauty and
That is the Forest
Has Dugi tis roots
As deeply into my heart
As it has into the earth
It's Peace
And Vibrant Life Force
I share also

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Quantum Mechanics of Tarot

This is my theory, which is to say that it is a theory and it is mine...

People are frequently fascinated by the Tarot (and other oracles) and it's accuracy. I should state that this is not my theory.. i havent got there yet.

When one utilises the tarot, especially in the service of others, they begin working with an incredibly layered field of energy.

First they are attuning to energies integrated within the sphere of another person's reality. Within this sphere is found all the vibratory equivalents of archetypal imagery, numbers, elements and so on. Through the intent of the reader, these vibrations are drawn upon and synched up with language, elements and indeed, the intent of the Tarot. For the Tarot is an intentional construct.
In effect, reading a person with the Tarot is not unlike seeking out a signal from a radio station, converting that signal into sound or it's textual equivalent and then reading the info back to the broadcaster. Only, in this case the reader has attuned to the signals that make up the individual as well as the signals the individual consciously creates theirself.
All of these impulses, attuned to the vibrations of the Tarots unique program should result in an accurate translation of the energy system of the individual being read.

That is my theory, which is to say, that it is mine. Unlike the famed Brontosaurus theory of it's being thin at one end, thick in the middle and thin at the other end.
Happy thinking. :P
Oh..yes.. sort of related; i have a link to share.. actually one that i have managed to keep through years of numerous system upgrades, overhauls, replacements and the like:

Of Quasar and Quanta

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crystalline Life Forms: Elestials

photo courtesy of

I have always loved crystals and stones. Whate are stones but the fragments our most cherished and phenomenal, living, breathing, life producing Gaia; Planet Earth. Crystals tend to be the mineral equivalent of the plant kingdom, growing from unique chemical compounds as we do, yet they are frequently thought of as just planetary by-products with no consciousness.

I have seen communications between crystilines and humans. Watched the light arcing from one to the other only to have the human turn to be drawn to a particular crystal. "I love that crystal!" they'll say. I just have to chuckle and tell them that the feeling is mutual on the behalf of the crystal.

I have done my fair share of work with crystalines on various levels. My favorite crystalines are the ones manifesting as Elestial Quartz. I remember coming across a particularly gigantic Elestial; "Sit down", it invited in what to me sounded like a gravelly grandmother voice, "And i'll tell you stories from before time was time." (Which for me translated to Gaias formative years and before).

With their long memories, Elestials are one of the ideal crystalines to work with in the area of past lives. Paired with Quartz Phantoms, Elestials form a truly dynamic duo.

I will be posting more about various stones and crystals soon.

For great pictures of Elestials as well as a wonderful Channeled article on Elestials, please visit the following links.

Large Elestials

St. Germain Channeling on Elestials


Monday, August 27, 2007

Introduction & OH MY STARS! © for September

Welcome to my premier posting at blogspot.

My name is Jayson and i'll be your flight atendant. Please make sure your seatbelts are buckled low and tight across your lap and that your seats and tray tables are in their upright position until we reach cruising altitude (don't go there).

This will be a direct flight over the rainbow, with faeries, devas, angels, ascended masters, buddha's, christ's and more; serving refreshments, oracles, insights and metaphysical musings for the duration of the flight.

This is a one way flight going all ways simultaneously and we maintain a strict 'no return' policy as there is no going back, just "now".

So, to begin our maiden voyage, i would like to offer a copy of my monthly column;

OH MY STARS! © September 2007

Take some time to review recent past events. Glean what you can and the synthesize what is left into something useful, even poignant, before you take on more arduous tasks. You have it in your power now to create something meaningful and lasting. Happy Birthday!
Time to put that masterful mind of yours to the task of weeding out any doubts. Any proposals you may be considering should probably wait until things settle down enough to comfortably move forward.
Allow for some cooperation from others and you should find your worries assuaged and yourself back on top and in charge. Your experiences bring valuable information to others.
Change is afoot. Just be sure that, as you will more than likely bite off more than you can chew, you allow others to help (help make you look good). Be on your toes as one of your social avenues comes to an end.
Help is on the way! We know that you’re the perennial do-it-yourselfer, but it would behoove you to accept assistance while you attempt to think outside the box. Comfort and ease are in the cards.
When that light bulb starts blazing over your head, don’t be surprised if your struck by ideas involving short trips and fact-finding missions to help you feel assured and at ease this month. You have the reins.
This is an excellent time for you to make new friends; so go with the flow there. For many of you, An actual move could figure prominently. Although temporarily unsettling, a bold new world awaits.
The time has come for your knowledge and expertise to be put to use elsewhere so that some of your hidden talents can come out to play. Embrace the new and try not to react out of your unfounded fears.
Time for a major overhaul to assess your needs and put yourself back on top of things. Oh, it’s been ok, but now it’s time for ‘better’. Embrace the brighter long-term view and avoid tying yourself to trouble.
You think you know where you’re going when you hit a few potholes. Do not despair, simply decide how to deal with the situation and take charge. You’ll have to act fast. Don’t let fear be an obstacle.
Watch for coming on too strong and letting your passion overpower you (or anyone else). No retreating into your shell, either. You have too much to offer and expertise to share. So put aside that trepidation and grab the bull by the horns. Make your move. Now.
Your quick and practical thinking paired with amazing resources allows you to manage the essentials in the long term as though it were a cake walk. Oh, sure, you may acknowledge the struggle, but the outcome shines with all the heart you put into it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
© Jayson Ayrn Starfeather 2007
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“When old words die out on the tongue, new melodies break forth from the heart; and where the old tracks are lost, new country is revealed with its wonders.” - Rabindranath Tagore

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