Monday, December 26, 2011

Shining a Light for the New Year - 2012

Peering into the future I see Lime and Soft Orange spangled in Gold. Science advances on multiple fronts; with refinements in religious and spiritual sciences. Health sciences should see a tremendous boost in healing modalities and cures this year. A greater sense of waking wisdom (adding to or combined with) accumulated wisdom propels growth.
With Lime Green, expect to see advances in newer ‘Green’ industries (insights). Soft Orange adds energy that coaxes creativity and energizes dormant seeds of inspiration.
Fresh, Invigorating, Cleansing, Creative, Social, Entrepreneurial, Fast & Light.

The effect of these energies on the lower vibrating forces, where war and suffering continue, is abrasive and astringent – in a good way. It’s somewhat reminiscent of one of Condors’ totemic qualities; in that in defecating on its legs, it cleans itself of parasites. Essentially, “Sh*t happens for the best’. As Global Healing continues, Earth and her inhabitants will continue to slough off the old and superfluous. In acknowledging the dark unpleasantries, love that they are flaking away in perfect time.
Embrace and Allow (Rinse and Repeat) within the Heart of Unconditional Love and Witness the Beauty of Unfolding in Perfect Time.