Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Love It

Toward the end of my meditations this morning, an energy form appeared (a bug that is going around) and i found myself saying, "I don't need this right now." To which i heard, "if you didn't need it, it wouldnt be here. so love it." So, i did.
And here i am to share this. And i could write more, but the message is plain and simple, as is the exercise.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gratitude & Crystalline Life Forms VI: Fulgurite

GRATITUDE, It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore.
Gratitude is a powerful energy. Simply take a moment and reflect on something that you are grateful for. As you reflect on what you are grateful for, acknowledge the connection that is formed and the energy in that connection. Acknowledge how the energy, the being of that person, place or thing, adds to you, supports you and/or Enriches your life. Acknowledge, now, the Acceptance that allowed for the opening in your life experience to Recieve that person, place or thing into your life. to acknowledge the roots of Gratitude is to embrace the sheer Magical Quality of how we Create our Lives. And in doing so, our sense of Gratitude Grows.

Acknowledge what you are Grateful for, Every day. Count your Blessings. Start with just one thing. Explore it fully. Acknowledge at least three to five things that you are Grateful for every morning and/or evening and in time your sense of the Energy behind all of the connections in your life will grow. The more you experience and Open to the Power of Gratitude, the more that Gratitude Expands in your life, opening you more fully and naturally to the Enrichment and Abundance that is your birthright and Allowing yourself to move past lack or need.
Gratitude opens wide the doorway to recieving exactly what is necessary at exactly the right time, all of the time.


Fulgurites are tubes of natural glass that are formed by lightning running through and fusing sand, rock or earth.
As such, Fulgurites carry different vibrations depending on the elements that have been fused, but they all carry the charge and memory of the lightning strike.
It's easy to see how the power of this fusion of heaven and earth make for a powerful tool.

The tubular occurance of Fulgurites and the fact that they are a product of heaven and earth have linked this creation to the Indigenous Peace Pipe.
Meditation with Fulgurite can Enrich the experience of Prayer and connection to the Divine.

Fulgurites, by nature of their Fusion, are also an Ideal tool when seeking to Create Spiritual Communities and Unity.

I invite you to seek out and use Fulgurite to enhance your Gratitude Exercises.

May every day be a day of Giving Thanks and Celebration of our lifes Abundance.



Friday, November 16, 2007

The Arthurian Factor ©

"You and the land are one. Drink and be filled." - Parsival offering the Grail to King Arthur.

The healing of the land and the healing of the self, the healing of Gaia and the healing of our self and the healing of others and the healing of our self. Staggeringly beautiful when you think about it. To drink from the grail is to accept the truth of our oneness with everything. Everything and Everyone prospers when we fully acknowledge and surrender to the truth of our connection to all life.

The grail, the cup, the beggars bowl, the many petaled lotus as the crown. For centuries these things have been goals and aspirations. Yes, even the begging bowl, acquired and waiting to be filled.

As we ascend into the higher dimensions, i would like to posit the transitioning of the crown to the base of the spine. Our aspirations, our prayers and the focus of light lifting upward.
Coursing Light through our bodies and simultaneously the body of the Earth as she embraces us...All of us.. Healing... Healed.. Whole... Radiant.. Scintillating.. Ascending. A Unified Celestial Being of Great Heart and Great Wisdom with many points of Love Consciousness Radiating from the Infinite into the Infinite. Drink and Be Filled. Grail and Crown and Heart are One with Conscious Will. The Grail Drinks Itself.
Dance between what is and what will be.
Be Still and Know That I AM The Light of the World Ever Unfolding.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crystalline Life Forms V: Phenacite

Photo courtesy of

Phenacite is a truly amazing crystal. Even grains the size of sand produce expansion of the aura into the multiverse. It is no surprise then, that Phenacite facilitates connection with extra terrestrial entities as well as other non physical multidimensional beings.

There is an aspect to Phenacite that allows for comprehension and exploration of otherworld technology and knowledge presented during telepathic communication with other multidimensional beings.

The Phenacite Deva's are gatekeepers whose seeds of light play a great part in the anchoring of Earth into the higher dimensions as she ascends. Invite the Deva's of Phenacite into your meditations when you wish to step out of the familiar and glimpse the vastness to come in our own ascension.
Pleasant Journeys.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Scorpio New Moon Meditation ©

This just in from..well Me

Given that this is a Scorpio New Moon, doing this meditation in a hot tub or bath puts you in Scorpio's element of Water. Just an option.

Sit comfortably
Close your eyes and allow yourself to sink deep into darkness
Know that you are the observer, sinking into the deepest darkeness where all of your old beliefs that have been bound and locked to all of the excuses for pain, guilt, shame, and all other negative constructs accquired through this life and others have been stored.

You are in the depths of the dark of your soul.
You hear a whooshing sound and know that an invisible scraper has begun to scrape away all of your negative darkness.

As these pieces are scraped away, they collect in a ball out in front of you.
Know that All of your negative darkness has collected into this large black ball.

Take a deep breath
A beam of purest white light shoots down and engulfs the ball in a pearlescent white plasma fire that begins to burn away the outer edge of the dark ball
Purse your lips, and as you exhale, blow into the pearlescent white flames to intensify the fire.
Notice the sparks and embers that fly off.
Know that these transmuted pieces will return to you as blessings or anything that you have ever wanted or needed.

Take another deep breath and repeat the process
Notice the sparks and embers that fly off.
Know that these transmuted pieces will return to you as blessings or anything that you have ever wanted or needed.

The pearlescent white light is doing a nice job, but when you are ready, blow into the flames and change the color
Work your way through the spectrum

As the ball burns away, some pieces may fall
Know that are caught in the swirling vortex of light at the base and transmuted.

This process can take as long as you feel it needs to.

Once you have transmuted the entire mass
Move up into the light and to the tip of your tailbone
Take a deep breath
That same pearlescent white light begins to burn
Blow into it and watch as it begins to rise
You notice that as the flames rise
Under the pearlescent white light swathing your spine
Your spine has turned brilliant gold
Yet still swathed in pearl
Up and up we go
At the base of your skull
Lotus petals begin to unfold
As the light rises
More and more petals unfold
Golden light floods the bowl of your lotus
A fountain of aquamarine showers around you
Precipitating blessings
And cleansing your aura of any impurities

Be still
And know that you are Divine
Repeat: I AM That I AM

My Love to You

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Energies for November 2007

I am proud to share the following channel from Celia Fenn. You will notice that it directly reflects the Meditation i posted a few days ago.
En-JOY and Be Blessed

The Great Shift of 2007
Awakening Human Angels to the Light and Joy of the Creative Process
The Energies for November 2007
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, as you enter into the month of November of 2007, you will feel the powerful energies that are moving the Global Collective Consciousness to a new level. At this time, Jupiter and Pluto are situated right on the Galactic Center in relation to the Earth. In their "dance" with the Great Central Sun, they are showing how you, within your own being, are in the process of awakening to the Radiant Light that pours forth from the Celestial center and flows into the Planet like a sparkling great River of Life and Creativity, producing Abundance and Love.

In the month of October, you began the shift through what we have called the "Diamond Doorway", into the Light of a new dawn for your Planet. At the 11:11 Stargate for this year, on the 11th of November, this Diamond Radiance will intensify as you move towards the critical alignment in early December, when Jupiter and Pluto will be exactly conjunct the Great Central Sun. This is the Power and the Energy that will shift the Planetary Consciousness over this threshold of Diamond Light and towards the New Beginning of the 1:1:1 on the 1st of January of 2008.

This is indeed a turning point for your Beloved Earth. It is what you have worked for. There are many of you who have entered into the state of Light and Joy that is the "signature" of Higher Consciousness. You have chosen Light and to share your Light with Others. You are indeed the "Light of the World" at this time.

Dearest Lightworkers, we know how hard you have worked and struggled to release old energies and to heal old patterns of distortion in your lives. We know how much strength and courage and perseverance and determination it has taken to consistently make the choice for Unconditonal Love, Peace and Joy. But, enough of you have made that choice, and so, you are assisting in raising the frequency of the Planetary Collective, allowing more people on Earth to make that choice as well.

Dearest Lightworkers, as this powerful radiance pours into the Planet, you will feel the intensity. We ask you to feel it as Passion, Joy and Life itself, for that is what it is. It is the Creative Essence of the Divine Source pulsing from the Great Heart that is the Great Central Sun. It is creating a sympathetic resonance and heartbeat in your own heart. The more you allow the passion to flow, the more Joy and Lightness you will feel. If you resist alignment with the Cosmic heartbeat and hold onto old patterns, you will feel disoriented and exhausted and "out of synch" with yourself. It is so much easier to make the choice to allow yourself to align with the Pulse of Light and Love, and to be embraced in its warmth and nurturing. It is the Great Gift of the Source to your Planet at this time. You are becoming a People of the Heart and your Heart beats with the Heart of the Great Central Sun, and in resonance with the Cosmic pulse of the Great Source. There is great power in this alignment, and you are feeling how this power is changing and transforming the very essence of Who You Are.

And so we say, dearest ones, that the "secret" is to open your Hearts to Unconditional Love and Joy. Allow this energy to flow through you and be expressed through you, for this is the Divine Will and the Energy of Creation. It is Truth, and as we have said, all else is illusion. When you allow this Light to enter into your open Heart, then you become Light and you see Light. You see Love and Compassion and Support and Abundant Blessings all around you, and you become a source of such blessings to all around you.

But, know that you cannot hold this Light unless your Heart is fully Open and you yourself are openly receiving the abundant blessings of Source into your Life. And you cannot hold this Light unless you are feeling the Gratitude to the Source for your life, that says : "It is Good! Thank You." When you can see the Light in all Creation, then the Light within you will burn brightly, and you will indeed be a Human Angel.

Dearest Ones, you will need this Light and this Radiance, this Creative Power, as you begin the work of Planetary Transformation in the New Year. For indeed, we see that many of you will feel called to begin to make a difference within your own Communities - for that is where you are most needed.

We have spoken to you before of "Communities of Light", and indeed we will speak again of this idea. Many of you assumed that what was meant was only connecting with your Soul Family and those like you. And, initially that was true. Now, we say, it is time to create Communities of Light wherever you are. It is time to bring your Light to All People. It is time to make Choices that reveal the Light that You Are on this Earth.

For the Planet will be transformed by the work and by the choices of the Human Angels that you are, supported by the Indigo and Crystal Children. That is why you chose to leave your Star Families and to journey to this Planet called "Earth", so that you might assist in creating this "New Earth", the planet that would arise when all humans remembered their Divine Essence and their Creative Power, and ceased to fear darkness and destruction, or to create these things through that fear. For, where you focus energy, that is what you create.

Dearest ones, we cannot tell you what Joy there is in the Angelic realms as each one of You awakens to the Light and Power at the center of their Creative Heart, and the Love and Support that flows to You and that you can share with each other. We cannot tell you how we rejoice when we see groups of you opening your hearts to compassion and sharing your Light with others. We can only say that this is a powerful force for Positive Creation on the Planet. The more you come together to share joy and creativity, the more you will assist in creating this New Earth that is being born.

So, in this month of November, we ask that you hold that Light in your Heart center; that you be Strong and that you accept your own Power to be a Force of Positive Transformation on the Planet, for that is why you are here. We ask that you continue to forgive and to forgive again. Let go of those who offend you, for all are struggling with this intense new energy. Seek rather to hold people in the Love of your Heart and to be a resting place for them, but do not be afraid to speak your truth with love. For the courage to speak your truth and still hold the energy of Love is another "signature" of the Higher Frequencies of Unconditional Love. If you speak your truth, you remain clear and you do not accumulate anger. If you do so with Love, then you do not attract anger, only Love.

And dearest ones, we ask finally that you be fully "present" with each other, from the heart. Speak from the heart, speak what you feel in the Now. Look into the eyes of those that you talk with, feel their heart and soul energy. Feel others with your Heart rather than you Mind, and accept the Love that is always there in Abundance. be "present" in your own life - pay attention to the fine and rich details of every experience that you create, and you will feel the blessings of Divine Abundance. For, that is the purpose of material existence on this planet called "Earth".

The Energies in November 2007
The first significant date in November is the New Moon on the 9th of November. This New Moon is in Scorpio, a Water sign. Scorpio hold all the mystery of the water elements, the psychic power and the dreaminess. At this time, it is good to dream and plant seeds in your own inner garden. Dearest ones, what seeds will you plant? What are your dreams and desires for the New Earth?
Then, on the 11th of November, you will experience the annual 11:11 stargate, when the earth aligns with the Angelic frequency of the 11:11, which allows for increased Light and Radiance and increased Illumination to assist with the Great Awakening on the Planet. This is an ideal time, dearest ones, to do rituals and ceremonies that will direct the Light into positive purposes and directions in your Life.

Finally, on the 24th of November the Full Moon will be in Gemini, with the Sun in Sagittarius. As we have already mentioned, there is a powerful alignment in early December, and this Full Moon will assist in initiating the energy for this alignment. The Air and Fire combination of Gemini and Sagittarius creates a volatile yet powerful elemental energy. The energy of the Sacred Heart and the Twin Flame will be powerfully activated within you at this time. It is a Joyous time of Celebration on this New Earth.

We wish you Light and Laughter and Joy in the month of November.

© 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author

Monday, November 5, 2007

OH MY STARS! © Your Scopes for November

After some delay, I present you with this months column. In December and from then on, each sign will have a link to an extended version of your forecast.

My, what a happy personal new year for you! With Jupiter, your ruling planet, showering blessings upon you it seems you can do no wrong aside from partying too hard (yes, I know that “partying too hard” isn’t in your vocabulary). We still see that caring Sag’ energy this month as it turns to finesse changes that give birth to new projects. This is of course if you can refrain from pitching a hissy fit if you run into any obstacles that you create. Take advantage of quiet moments to make decisions about long term plans and allocating resources to take advantage of potential opportunities.
Knowing when it’s time to walk away from what isn’t working is a smart move. Many of you will be looking at transitioning into something new. While that may go easily; watch your attitude as it could throw up roadblocks. If that happens, your impulse could shift into overdrive. And there’s nothing more charming than belligerence. You may have been a master where you were and you may even be the master where you are, but a little temperance goes a long ways. So put on those velvet gloves, because there is no going back.
Good morning, class. This month we are going to be learning how to be a better multi-tasker. You’re already a great networker, but to manifest exactly what you want when you want it, you’ll be learning to tune out distractions in the form of second guessing yourself. Your first step will be to be at ease about your future and acknowledge that what you intend is already accomplished. Your second step will be much like a game of Asteroids; obliterate any obstacles that you had previously written into your game plan. Please journal your progress.
Go boldly in the direction of your dreams. The trip may be a little arduous, but it should prove fruitful. Allow for meditation in balance with action. Mastery of mental disciplines serve you well this month.
Your efforts and attention to detail have brought you results and though you may expect more of the same levels of effort, it’s time to take off the shackles and allow for greater ease and swiftness in your journey. Growth does not have to be difficult or painful. Surrender.
Even in the cold grey of November, there is likely to be an aura of positive light around you that others may be drawn to. Many of you will be embracing information that helps you to better accomplish both old and new monumental tasks. Assistance will come and go as needed; much like a fairy godmother. Methodical genius can guide your steps as you open to it. And changes this month involving an actual residence change, sow seeds for stable rooting by August.
The lunar activities of the past months may appear to have slowed you down a bit; but this month you’re likely to feel as if you’re back on top and very accomplished. So much so that you’ll feel open to beginning a new project. You may even be inclined to coerce a few people into helping you out. Stay focused and put those ideas down on paper. A little whimsy toward month’s end adds inspiration, drive and for the single Taurus; the potential for a new relationship.
It looks at though the recent responsibilities you have taken on are really starting to show and that the pressure is forcing the genius in you to keep everything on an even keel. You may even be doing some scrimping to make everything balance out. Give yourself the space to process the lessons of the recent past and make room for offers that are likely to increase productivity. To grow or to struggle; that is the question and the choice put before you this month.
Wow! This month sees you learning how to act instinctually to get the results befitting a true mover and shaker. Your willingness to take on the big burdens and convert them into growth and power are also providing you with the power to manifest your visions with stunning acuity. It is definitely worth celebrating. However , when it comes to people, it is time for you to take a step back lest you crush some toes by assuming too quickly. Even a master teacher can have their faults. The universe offers you some long awaited surprises.
This month starts out with a little trepidation about making decisions. Take a breath and you will know exactly what to do to initiate the changes you seek to make. Be still and know that you know. There are several indicators that the Universe is providing you the space to make necessary changes and to allow new friendships to form in your life. Your ability to practically apply what you are learning since Spring continues it’s beautifully organic process. Watch for a spontaneous and dramatic manifestation toward months end.
Dreams carry powerful messages for you this month as they clear out old business and things lurking in the shadows. For some, the past comes back to haunt you through the people in your life, let the healing continue and this process could clear a lot of ground long overdue for both inner and outer re-landscaping. With that done, you will be offered the opportunity to work with the light in more ways than before. Your potential for greater productivity and spiritual growth continues well beyond the end of the month.
Your ‘Can do’ attitude seeks a new outlet this month and none of your ‘friends’ can stop you as you leave the petty doubts of others in the dust. Make sure to re-examine your own doubt’s to make sure that they are in fact yours and then slam dunk them into oblivion as they have no place in your future plans. This month could turn out to be like a dance competition with the old ‘one step forward—two steps back’. Break out with some fancy footwork that lets them know that you are an original. Advanced education can serve you well.
No more hiding in the sidelines for you. You are being called back into service in a big way and many of you are bound to find yourself thrust into positions as teachers and guides. It’s just that time and no matter how unworthy you may be feeling, the Universe offers you this piece of advice: Get Over It. Better yet, it is time to act as if ‘It’ isn't there. ‘It’ is an illusion. Expect a burst of creativity to launch you somewhere over the rainbow by mid-November when the Moon lands in Aquarius. Have no regrets about what you leave behind.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Crystalline Life Forms IV: Danburite

Photo Courtesy of

Danburite is a Love Light Crystal.
Its long, striated, pink hued shape is typically capped by a spatulate head.
The Deva's of Danburite enfold you in an exquisite soft pink light that takes on an effervescent quality as it permeates your being where it reaches that divine inner child and tickles you until you release an even purer joyous pink white light that blazes throughout your being. Danburite holds and evokes that pure joyous lovelight that is at the center of all things. The Divine MotherFather Heart, the overflowing cup, are the gifts of Danburite as it invites you to aknowledge that ever present beautiful aspect of your own self.
Use Danburite when you have need to forgive yourself, when you feel distanced from the Source or when you just need that gentle reminder that you carry a powerful lovelight within you always.
If you are ever in a space where you are holding on to sorrow or self pity and blocking yourself from recieving the energies of Danburite or Joy, simply visualise a light growing from within and listen for that angelic harplike music as it crescendoes and the light rises to sweep through you. Know the Deva's of Danburite are there to help you live from the brightes part of your being.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anchoring Light Meditation © - Time Sensitive

This just downloaded from Source:

Be Still
Breathe in White Light through the center of your heart
Visualise it Filling your Spine with Scintillating Energy and then Spreading Throughout your Entire Skeletal Structure.
Once your skeleton is Filled with Light, breathe out and visualise the Light Intensifying Radiant White Light Deeper as well as out Into your Organs, Muscles and Skin.
Breathe In and Feel and Visualise the Light Permeating Your marrow and infusing your Cells and DNA with Pure Love Light.
Allow your Self to Vibrate with Pure Crystaline Rainbow White Love Light. Breathe Out.
Breathe In and Feel the vibration Intensify
Suddenly, an Intense beam of Light fires out the top of your skull and anchors into the Galactic Central Sun.
Breathe Out and Allow the Light to pulse back and forth from your own body to the Galactic Core with each breath.
When you are ready, Hold, Breathe In and state an intent for yourself.
Allow that to Radiate inside and out. Breathe Out.
Allow yourself to stay anchored to the Great Central Sun. Breathe In.
Radiate out into the world all of the Love Light you possess, Knowing you have a Limitless Supply. Breathe Freely.
Be still and know that You are a Living Blessing.

***Rinse and repeat daily as the incoming light transmission will be be more potent between Now and November 23. Evenings are best until the 10th. 11-Noon on the 11th (11:11) and mornings thereafter.***


An Interview with 12listen.coms' Lacey Dawn

Lacey has been on the "Know Thyself" path for over 25 years. Her experience is through many years of not following her guidance even though she heard it loud and clear. She believes that everyone is intuitive and that sometimes people need validation from sources outside of them. She is here to help. When Lacey does readings she will pick up information in many different forms. She starts getting information right away but for the sake of time she will take questions and focus her intuition there.

Lacey has always had a "knowing" about people and their situations as long as she remembers. She remembers feeling at one with nature at a very young age. She has studied extensively with many different teachers enabling her to understand her intuitive nature. Her mission is to help people find the joy in their lives. She wants to teach people how they can better understand who they are and what they are here to do. She is compassionate and caring and wants to help as many people as possible find their passions.

It is my pleasure to present my interview with Lacey Dawn, one of the many incredible advisors at 12listen:

Who, if anyone has influenced you most in your work? Who has inspired you? and Which famous person would you most like to do a reading on?

It seems that I have always had a fascination about past lives. I am not sure where I learned about them. It seems that I just knew about them. It was probably a book that I was reading at the time.
Back in the early 90s I decided to attend a Hypnotherapy School to learn to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. The primary focus of learning was working with clients in a clinical setting for pain management, natural anastesia for surgery, and of course working with people who wanted to lose weight or stop smoking. Although I had no interest in learning about the clinical part, I was very interested in Past Life regression and at the time there were no schools for that. Even though this was not what the class was about, I decided to take it anyway. I had to be reminded several times during class that this class was not about past life regression. I still persisted in knowing more. In a weird way, I credit my teacher of Hypnotherapy, Lucy Johnson, for being my influence. She would almost scold me for disrupting the class because every question I would have would pertain to past life stuff whereas she was focused on the clinical aspect. Since I was used to being a rebel anyway this didn't bother me, it made me more determined to baulk at the system. When we would have to go to the rooms to practice, I would practice my past life regression scripts. Most of the time the partner I was given would agree. However, It seemed word would always get back to Lucy that I wasn't practicing what I was supposed to be doing.

As far as doing a past life regression on someone famous, I would think the Pope would be quite fun. Seriously though, the Dali Lama would be interesting. I wonder; where has he lived?

What is your favorite aspect of your work?

Never knowing where we will end up. Every client is so different. Some clients are immediately taken back into a life and it can get pretty dramatic. Other clients will be calmer and be more of an observer of their lives instead of reliving it. Some are much harder to get to a past life, others are very easy. It's the element of surprise I like.

Where have your favorite lives been?

Atlantis is a favorite. I was working with this huge pointed crystal, one that I couldn't pick up today because it would be too heavy. I was pointing it up at the sky like I was activating it. It's the feeling of wholeness, serenity, Love that I remember. This seemed to be my job to activate these huge crystals for healing. Another is a past life in Egypt as a priestess who would counsel others. I remember the rituals to ready ourselves were very long, in depth and rigorous. . My chamber was underneath the ground down a long passage. It seemed that I was pretty much a sacred prostitute to men seeking counsel.

When did you first experience your own past life regression?

There was a man named Seth in my hypnotherapy class that would take me back. He took me back a couple of times.

Why do most of your clients want to visit their past lives? (What do you see as the most common reason for a consultation?)

Most of all, People are Curious. They are usually exploring their inner self and have heard that going into a past life will take care of a cycle they want to change within their life. Such as the cycle of abuse or weight gain for example. A lot of times going into one's past lives with the intention on healing a certain malady, the person begins to understand where a habit or cycle has come from. I have seen instances where a person will find out about an episode in a past life that gives them an understanding of why they do things in this life. With that understanding, the person has an easier time making the positive changes that are necessary to live more fully in this life.

How many lifetimes have you recalled this time around?

I have encountered 6 different lives. I have been taken back several times into the same lives to do certain work. I know that I have a few more that have yet to be revealed to me. I would like to explore this realm more when I find someone to guide me back. I plan on taking Brian Wiess' 5 day workshop on learning past life techniques. There we would be able to take each other back.

Do you think that some people court their soulmates over a series of lifetimes, not always incarnating together?

Yes! Truly! I believe that this is the case! Have you ever met someone for a brief moment that has almost taken your breath away? There is something about that person that resonates very deeply within you? Then you never see that person again. In that case you have incarnated together but not being together. Or when a person goes through life feeling a slight emptiness within their fullness of life just knowing that their soulmate is somewhere else not in the physical world at this time. It's a feeling people have.

Jayson: Thank You for taking thetime to honor me with this interview. You can reach Lacey at