Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blessed Meditation ©

The Light of Prime Source pours, Crystal Clear, into Every Pocket of Your Soul that has been left wanting or consigned to lack and limitation. Every empty cup Fills to Overflowing with Effervescent Diamond Light. All cares are Swept Away by the Sweet, Soothing Waters of Spirit.
Every past care, pain or self judgement that lurks in hiding Comes Forth to be Cleansed, Quenched and Transformed. With each Purification, You can Hear the Song of Celestial Chiors Rising in Celebration.
The Hands of Angels and Masters Embrace You and Waves of Love Light Flood Your Heart; Opening Your Heart Wider and Wider until, eventually, You feel as though you might Disappear Into Love Light. But this is where you Step Through as a Radiant Child of Divine Widom and Unconditional Love, Fully Realised.
Be Still. Pulse. Radiate. Glow. Stream Every Blessing Forth into The Heart of the Earth and the Hearts of ALL of Her Inhabitants (Animal, Vegetable, Mineral and Spiritual). Flood the Galactic Grid and Gaia's Divine Matrix in both This Dimension and in All Other Dimensions with Love Light. Embrace the Entirety within Your Own Radiant Heart.
Be Blessed in the Sweet, Simple, Powerful and Humble Nature of Your Being.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meditation, Acknowldgement, Thanksgiving

A warm, rich, earthy brown energy rises to swathe you in comfort. The energies of this dispensation from the ascended Gaia Mother Earth infuse the very molecules of your being with abundant blessings and sacred geometric frameworks that assist you in manifesting your hearts desires. It reaches in to evoke your creative essence and supports you in transmuting that which no longer serves you into powerful components that fortify your endeavors.
"For that which we are about to recieve, may we be truly grateful".
Through the shared wisdom of Gaia, we can now transmute all future pains and hurts, that we agreed to be allowed to manifest in our lives, as they happen and with gratitude.
Growth becomes synonomous with Love. And we are strengthened as conscious creators and co-creators cultivating unwavering focus for our divine purose to manifest through with crystal clarity.
Marvel, even revel, in you physicality, regardless of shape as this is the most divinely perfect vehicle for you to exhibit your divinity through. In the co-creative process that is the human experience; our physical manifestion alone is a teaching tool in itself. Simply look at how others register in your thoughts and perceptions. Look at the marvel of its functioning and of how it responds to your consciousness.
Awe, Gratitude, Wonder, Amazement. May you allow yourself the pleasure of directing your consciousness to remember the very first time you took physical form. Sensational!
Remember stepping into this existence. "For what we are about to recieve, may we be truly grateful".
Even with all of its warts, life on Earth is worth more than the price of admission.
Happy Thanksgiving

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Be Abundant

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alchemy of the Soul Meditation Blessing ©

Radiate! Opalescent rainbow light shimmers throughout your body. Any part of you that feels out of balance or alone resolves itself into a placid tranquility; the calmest of calms.
Ethereal waters stretch out before you and a large silvery disk, like the moon, slides silently out of the waters.
This disk hangs just above the surface of the waters and casts a misty reflection.
A picture of something in your life that you would like to change flashes, crystal clear, upon the surface of this 'mirror' and is held there.
An opalescent rainbow light shimmers around the edge of the 'mirror'.
The picture begins to shimmer with opalescent rainbow light which resolves itself into a brilliant white light that fills the 'mirror'.
The light diminishes toward the center before disappearing with the slightest sparkle.
The picture now reflects the change that you desired and you find this anchored within you as you look to the shore where you stood.
The light radiating from you now bursts with gold and silver among the opalescent rainbow light.
Your energies expand and you feel yourself growing larger and larger. As you look down, the etherial waters show faintly through pearly mists and your view gives way to starry heavens.
The Earth hovers before you. Your hands cradle the Earth as it floats there. Shimmering opalescent rainbow light envelopes the Earth and resolves itself into that same placid tranquility; the calmest of calms. As you bring the Earth into your heart, it is enveloped in a soft golden pink light that dances gently through and around the heart of it. All the sharp, dark spots on the Earth; representing war, pain and suffering, are permeated by this soft golden pink light that heals, forgives and transmutes.
You breathe in and it is so. You breathe out and it is so. As you sit there at your computer, you glow with self mastery, peace and wisdom.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Surrendering to the Golden Nurturance of Spirit

A gentle yet full bodied divine feminine golden presence precipitates her blessings upon you in this moment. Breathe in the a warmth that embraces you from the inside out; that encourages you to be your creative best. Allow yourself to feel supported, unconditionally, as gateways to abundance open before you.
Allow this healing energy to sink deep into your DNA and spread throughout your entire lineage back across the long ages, flooding the mothers and grandmothers with light and carrying the hopes and dreams for their childrens' childrens' children forward to be manifest by you and through you.
With these Golden Energies come waves and particles of Wisdom covering you like a Royal Mantle which imbues you with a Sweet Humility.
A Golden Yellow Light flowers in your Heart Center and spreads wide and wider, shedding ever brighter Light before you in weaves and spirals and it is in this Light that Courts of Faerie Queens, Devas and Solar Angels from many dimensions appear to celebrate ALL that you are with serenely blissful smiles that break into ecstatic laughter.
You are a being of Starlight and Limitless Golden Possibilities Making Miracles Manifest NOW.
Happy Birthday Again and Again and Again!

Artemis of Ephesus
Jayson Ayrn Starfeather

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That Golden kind of Feedback

A new client replied to a follow up message i sent after their reading:
(Personal info edited out for privacy)

Incidentally, I'm responding because 1) I thought about how kind you were just to listen to me, and 2) did you do some mojo or something, because no kidding, I went to bed last night saying my prayers and trying to concentrate on forgiveness and blessing like you said, and then I wake up this morning and everything felt "clear". What gives???? Now mind you, I'm grateful for the clarity and peace, but in the past, the only time I've had any peace about it has been strongly manufactured (and fleeting) because I've been trying so hard to keep my head afloat and not bog myself down. It's like crazed positive thinking, you know, like rabid mantras so that I don't bring bad karma on myself. . . .so, honestly, what in the aytch-eee-double-hockey-sticks happened? If it was an assist, I thank you graciously and from the bottom of my heart. Here I am carp-flopping on the shore and you come in and ease me back into the water, you know? If it's a fluke, well, I'm going to enjoy it because I haven't felt this at peace in I don't know how long .....years. Either way, I'm grateful that you listened, grateful that you were objective and compassionate and am grateful that you took the time after to meditate on my behalf to help me. Thank you very, very much. You are a gift.
Mind you, i am aware that i only played a part in facilitating the space for some major healing; but despite all the drama, I know this person was ready to shift, for a shift, and i'm grateful that they arrived to share the beauty of that shift with me.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Monthly Article Coming Soon!

This new monthly article in Holly Hall's i-zine, i-zen; which will be interactive, covers meditation tools and techniques as well as guided meditations. It is my hope that we will co-create amazing change through the use of meditation as a key to unleashing and realizing Your Souls Purpose and then some.

The introductory article; Meditation 101 is already done and awaiting publication.

Meanwhile, this weeks Power Peek went up tonight, so please check out my Totem Energies column.