Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And the Beat Goes On

The stories and experiences that many of my clients have been sharing with me, here in this tiny strand of the world wide web, are mirrored throughout this planet. Testament that magic and miracles truly are afoot in this time. Many have shared stories and experiences with me that they have felt that they could not share with others for fear of not being understood or perhaps ridiculed.
It has become increasingly clear that You are not alone. We are not alone. Every day the web of our life is woven ever more intricately. We are living in a time when what we have been taught is super natural is being revealed to be simply natural. The world we know is shifting and changing in more ways than we could ever have imagined and we are caught up in this synergistic dance. We live in a time when it will be to our benefit to learn to flow with the energies and rhythms of life. There are large waves looming on the horizon; harbingers of loving transformation. Perhaps it is time to stand on your faith and your trust and surf into the most glorious new world you can imagine as obsolete and outmoded belief systems and dehumanizing realities are drawn into the undertow.
For many there is the issue of facing ones fears, shadows or personal daemons.

Facing the dark with unconditional love, faith, trust and the understanding that you are the creator of your reality, will allow you release any aspects of yourself that no longer serve you on your path and realize that shedding light on shadows diminishes shadows ability to be perceived as frightening or intimidating. Light and shadow give absolute form to one another. The very presence of the printed words you are reading at this very second prove this. It is humankind's metaphors based upon the hypothetical separation of light and dark that has provided us with a virtually limitless resource from which to create the scripts and lessons of life on this planet.
Honor your humanity. Honor the great cosmic dance of chaos that gives form to this reality. With great honor, gratitude and reverence, give thanks to all life (forms) for joining you in the creation of the most incredibly unique and magical "melodocucomedrama" ever.
I thank you.
Love & Light. Namaste.

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