Saturday, February 28, 2009

The FULL Wolverine Totem for Mar 2-8

As it Should Have Appeared in Mark's Power Peek

All My Relations
Mitakuye Oyasin
Totem Voices

For Week of March 2 - 8


Wolverine locks his gaze on us this week and challenges us to tap our own inner reserves of energy and forge our visions with tenacious intent.
Take a moment and draw up energy from the earth and let it fill your spine. Sense it crackling with raw energy and spreading out to every area of your body and even further into your emotional, physical and spiritual energy bodies. Hold the vision of what you wish to achieve in your mind and surround it with this potent Earth energy so that your goal crystallizes within your energy field and manifests strong roots. Defend, protect and nurture your manifestation.
Let your senses expand out into your energy field and beyond so that you not only visualize your goal, but you smell, feel and taste its energy.
As you hold your focus, allow your senses to expand outward even further to discover and connect with any resources, even the most unlikely ones that may be converted to suit your needs, serve you on your journey and aid in your manifestations.
Again, come back to your center and ground in this electrified creative Earth energy.
Infuse a deep sense of Purpose into this energy and Hold.
Breathe it out. Breathe it in. Let it flood to the edges of your reality; anchoring as it goes.
This is the gift of Wolverine and the power of those with this totem.

Wolverine is also a creature of Phenomenal Strength and those with this totem find that they are capable of equally Phenomenal Endurance in all areas of life and in the most unlikely situations.
Educating ones self about and meditating on the Law of Right Use of Will is essential for those with this totem.
Wolverine offers you the ability to not on shape shift your energies, but your reality in ways that align with your best possible expression.
I invite you to meditate on Wolverine this month and see what other gifts this Master Teacher Totem may have to share with you.

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